Yahoo! UK Year in Review 2012 – The Top Ten of Everything

  • Yahoo! UK’s annual look at top trends and stories, as gleaned from billions of online  searches reveal the Olympics, gadgets and football caught the nation's imagination in 2012
  • Kate Middleton knocks  Cheryl Cole off the most searched celebrity top spot
  • National treasure, Jessica Ennis tops the list of most searched sports person and Olympian in 2012
LONDON, 30 November 2012: Released today, the Yahoo! UK Year in Review for 2012  reflects the daily search habits of users and offers a glimpse into the social trends, compelling newsmakers, top stories, and viral fads of 2012.  Olympics fever dominated Yahoo! searches but our love of football plus on and off pitch scandals still saw three clubs rank in top ten searches of the year. Gadget lovers and the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon propelled Kindle into top ten searches on Yahoo! for the first time this year. Some of the other newcomers you were obsessed with in 2012 include Kate Middleton and Formula One.
Yahoo!’s Year in Review is the much-anticipated annual look at top trends and stories, as gleaned from billions of online searches. It is a distinct way to portray a society in motion through online behaviour. To explore the trends and stories that inspired and entertained the world in 2012, visit
The Top Ten of Everything 2012
1. Olympics
2. Liverpool FC
3. Kindle
4. Manchester United
5. Kate Middleton
6. iPad
7. Formula 1
8. Eastenders
9. iPhone 5
10. Arsenal
The Olympics inspired an entire nation. It fuelled an unbeaten volume of searches over the summer on top of huge interest throughout the year, ensuring it led the way across searches and news.
Vying closely with the football clubs for our attention are the technology giants.  Kindle stormed in third thanks in no small part to the chick lit book of 2012, Fifty Shades of Grey. The literary phenomenon ranked seventh on the top news stories of the year. Other top news stories vying for attention were the tragic disappearance of April Jones, and the death of adored Bee Gee Robin Gibb.
Top Ten News Stories
1. Olympics
2. Kate Middleton
3. iPhone 5
4. April Jones
5. Paralympics
6. Jubilee
7. 50 Shades of Grey
8. Robin Gibb
9. Euro 2012
10. Prince Harry
Nick Petche, Senior News Editor, said: “2012 was clearly the year of sport, with Brits swept up by the excitement of the London Olympics online.
“Gadget geeks searching for the latest iPhone and iPad saw technology searches hit the news headlines as well as our most searched list overall. However the newcomer to the search charts was Kindle - no doubt fuelled by its latest incarnation which introduces a full colour HD screen and video. It was also helped by the fascination around ebooks, particularly the bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.
"It’s also no surprise to see Kate Middleton making the top 10 – while those photos did increase her search ratings, her popularity has grown exponentially this year and I think we’ll only see this continue looking ahead to 2013,” he continued.
The Duchess of Cambridge was the most searched celebrity - rising from 10th place in 2011 - proving her national appeal is as vast as her wardrobe. For less glamorous reasons, the private antics of Tulisa Contostavlos catapulted her from nowhere into second place in our celebrity list. And Prince Harry had a big year this year – debuting at #7 off the back of his Las Vegas antics.
The Top Ten Celebrities (2011 place in brackets)
1.       Kate Middleton (#3)
2.       Tulisa Contostavlos
3.       Cheryl Cole (#1)
4.       Kim Kardashian (#10)
5.       Robin Gibb
6.       One Direction
7.       Prince Harry
8.       Whitney Houston
9.       Rhianna (#10)
10.   Holly Willoughby (#14)
Other Searches...
Most asked Questions on Yahoo! UK  Search in 2012
1.       How to make money
2.       Who unfollowed me?
3.       How to lose weight
4.       When do the clocks go back?
5.       How to write a CV
6.       When is Easter?
7.       Who killed Frank Foster?
8.       What is my IP address?
9.       What is a pleb?
10.       How to claim PPI yourself
Top Kids Searches on Yahoo! UK Search in 2012
1.       Moshi Monsters
2.       Binweevils
3.       Club Penguin
4.       MyMaths
5.       Lego
6.       Disney Superbia
7.       Mathletics
8.       Ben 10
9.       Peppa Pig
10.       Pokémon
Most searched sports people on Yahoo! UK Search in 2012
1.       Jessica Ennis
2.       Andy Murray
3.       Victoria Pendleton
4.       Fabrice Muamba
5.       Tom Daley
6.       Lionel Messi
7.       David Beckham
8.       Maria Sharapova
9.       Cristiano Ronaldo
10.       Usain Bolt
Most searched Politicians on Yahoo! UK Search in 2012
1.       Barack Obama
2.       Mitt Romney
3.       David Cameron
4.       Boris Johnson
5.       Louise Mensch
6.       Sarah Palin
7.       George Galloway
8.       Tony Blair
9.       Jeremy Hunt
10.       Ron Paul
Top Mobile Searches on Yahoo! UK in 2012
1.       Olympics
2.       iPhone 5
3.       Premier League
4.       Liverpool FC
5.       Manchester United
6.       Fifty Shades of Grey
7.       April Jones
8.       Euro 2012
9.       Wimbledon
10.       Leeds United

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